Graphs in Android

While doing my last exercises for Coursera’s Android Specialization track, I came across this very nice and easy to use graphing library: GraphView. You should definitely give it a try when you need bar and line charts!


I’m currently in the (long-running) process of refactoring a huge application to a system based on Domain Driven Design, applying CQRS and eventually Event Sourcing, and I came across this clear FAQ about these concepts. Helped me a lot….

Wicket-CDI-JPA in the mix

Last week I played around with creating a Wicket/CDI/JPA enabled web project and came across this excellent post. I now ‘ve created a time saving archetype, downloadable at

OrientDB – Graph DB

I’m converting my never ending ‘financial app’ to use OrientDB, a small, fast and powerful NoSQL document database with  support for directly storing and retrieving Java object. Seems promising…

Into Grails (continued)

So far, so good, Grails development is pretty easy and nice. I had to switch to IntelliJ’s IDEA environment, but anyway, everything went well until now. First pages of the app I built for a customer are converted. While digging … Continue reading