Among others, I ran or participated in the following projects:

  • HeadFirst – architect / lead developer for HeadFirst Select.
  • VX Company – teamlead and developer on a project for ‘Reclassering Nederland’
  • Heeneman & Theelen – implementation company website (CMS)
  • FreelanceFocus – implementation web site frontend
  • VisumOnline – problem solving, website technology update, realisation of product whitelabeling
  • JobIQ – Realisation and implementation of job portal
  • Kamer van Koophandel – Development of the (redesigned) Dutch Handelsregister
  • PromoVisique – Custom ERP solution to manage internal processes
  • BBNed – Replacement of backend systeem
  • ABN AMRO – Implementation of car insurance module on ABN AMRO’s website
  • Corus – Implementation of ¬†intranet application for ¬†order entry