Graphs in Android

While doing my last exercises for Coursera’s Android Specialization track, I came across this very nice and easy to use graphing library: GraphView. You should definitely give it a try when you need bar and line charts!


I’m currently in the (long-running) process of refactoring a huge application to a system based on Domain Driven Design, applying CQRS and eventually Event Sourcing, and I came across this clear FAQ about these concepts. Helped me a lot….

Wicket-CDI-JPA in the mix

Last week I played around with creating a Wicket/CDI/JPA enabled web project and came across this excellent post. I now ‘ve created a time saving archetype, downloadable at

OrientDB – Graph DB

I’m converting my never ending ‘financial app’ to use OrientDB, a small, fast and powerful NoSQL document database with  support for directly storing and retrieving Java object. Seems promising…